By now you what does my sports

By now you what does my sports memorabilia buying have to do with yourselling structure or strategy. And the answer is: the price process of the memorabilia dealer is no different than yours. Yourcustomers ask for discounts, and the first thing you do is try tofigure out how low you can go, still making somewhat […]

It doesn’t mean that ADHD

It doesn’t mean that ADHD isn’t a real thing, with a biological basis. Hinshaw and Scheffler are very clear about that. But it does underscore our worry that misdiagnoses are being handed out by doctors with little time, little training in psychiatric disorders, and a lot of pressure to do something to help kids who […]

French settlers brought Mardi

French settlers brought Mardi Gras to New Orleans and the Louisiana territory. The “Galette des Rois,” or king cake, came too, becoming a symbol of New Orleans’ brand of Mardi Gras. It has been said that “King cake season is to New Orleans bakeries what Valentine’s Day is to florists and Christmas is to retailers.”. […]

But there is no hint of high

But there is no hint of high tech cooking equipment or ovens with all the modern touches. McClain bakes all of her low fat and low cholesterol cakes in a single 30 year old Montgomery Ward oven and uses 20 year old cake pans. She even makes vegetarian cakes using carrot and sweet potatoes.. Bakeware […]

Serving the irresistible

Serving the irresistible xiao long bao (steamed dumplings) and gloriously dense hand shaved noodles, Su Hong Eatery does its best dishing up the cuisine du jour. The adventurous may also want to try the braised sea cucumber, braised fish belly and lion’s head in clay pot. 4101 El Camino Way, Palo Alto; 650 493 4664. […]

Fold into the pudding mix

Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. L. Fold into the pudding mix and stir in about half of the crushed Oreos. Prepare serving container with a layer of crushed Oreo, then spoon in the mixture and top with another layer of crushed Oreo. You see it looks like dirt. Decorating tools Independence Day provides the perfect […]