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On Sunday I’ll be barbecuing


On Sunday I’ll be barbecuing, watching the game with friends, and wearing my Saints cap. I’m going to cheer my heart out for our guys on the field and, by extension, for this city that I love. But I’m also going to give a lot of thought to the people who made that hat, and will do everything I can to let the NFL Reebok know that hurting people to make a buck violates the principles that are supposed to make sports great..

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wholesale jerseys A half a dozen years ago, the homeless problem was one that primarily affected Vancouver. Now it has spread through the region and across the province. According to the mayors’ report (which was signed off on, by the way, by all the region’s mayors including ones in Surrey and Langley), there are now 70 homeless camps in Metro Vancouver. wholesale jerseys

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This is exciting news for Vancouver fans. It means Vancouver has gotten the interest of Doan enough to have a sit down meeting with them. It means Vancouver has a chance to land a top six power forward winger they so desperately covet! Sure, Doan met with the Rangers and Flyers, and sure, Doan will meet with several more teams before this is over.

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I have a vested interest here, though sadly not an interest of the tax efficient kind lodged in one of Jersey’s myriad banks. My family partly hails from this beautiful, flawed island and I have spent countless happy holidays on its pristine beaches. I lived there for a short while in the 1980s, and still have relatives there.

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